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Great dog food. My dogs are doing better on it than food costing twice as much. The customer service is great and the free home delivery can't be beat. My dog's coat is shiny and she loves the food. She eats the Chicken and Rice Formula, but a friend has a dog with allergies and swears by the Pork and Rice Formula. At $37 for a 40 lb. bag it is less than a one dollar per lb. which is a great value for a premium quality dog food. I compared... Read more

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Orion's choice is a great kibble with quality ingredients and a good amount of animal protein (I feed it to my dogs) but people should realize that there IS NOT ONE PERFECT DOG FOOD, every product has their flaw, so if just one food is fed to the dog everyday, for their whole life that one flaw will be magnified and have unhealthy consequences for the dog,so EVERYONE who feeds kibble should consider a diet rotation to minimize those... Read more

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This is great dog food. My dogs have been eating it for awhile now and their coats have never been shinier. They love the food and get very excited at dinner time. With the old food they were very picky. The free home delivery is very convenient and the customer service is excellent. Nice to see a company offering a great product at an economical price. While we have been feeding the Chicken and Rice Formula, a fried told me that the Pork... Read more

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Orion's choice is hands down the BEST dog food ever. The person who wrote the complaint that it smelled should clean his house. This dog food smells great and I even tasted it when we opened our first bag 1 year ago and I must admit, it was QUALITY! I have tasted others and Orion's Choice tasted pure. My dogs are healthier then they have ever been and they love it. We dogs sit at times and the other dogs want Orion's Choice vs... Read more

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This dog food is just cheap junk delivered to your home. Once you get it it smell like died animals. My dog would roll in the stuff like it was old roadkill. Is stunk the house up so bad I had to dump it. When I asked for money back the owner just laughed at my story and said all dogs like roadkill. When I went to his house to see about my refund I could then understand his disregard for animals. He had about a dozen dogs in kennels all with... Read more

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